Contest Rules

Photo Contest 99

General Rules:-

  1. It’s free to enter inside any photo contest run by
  2. Anyone can vote!
  3. Your friends/family members can vote again after 1 hour(60 minutes) on a photo.
  4. Every contest starts on 1st of Every Month & we announce result/winners on the very first Sunday of Next Month, Means you can submit your entries till the end of the first week of Next Month.
  5. You can check votes on your photo page or under your account/photos section.
  6. If two persons votes TIE then we will choose winner based on Facebook likes & shares.
  7. If we detect any fake or suspicious activity then your account will be blocked immediately. Never use proxy servers or VPN to gain maximum votes.
  8. Never use any website that sells votes or provides a vote exchange method.
  9. After results, all winners must submit their submitted photo proof/Identity proof, means we never provide prizes if you are submitting a third person photo.

Photo Rules:-

You can only submit/upload contest specific photo. Also we never accept others photos, you must be copyright owner of the photograph. We may ask for identity for photo verification,

Currently we are running only :-
Baby Photo Contest:- In this you can only submit a baby photo upto 12 years.


We will select total 7 winners each month, from each contest.

Baby Photo Contest (7 Winners):-
Top:-  Platinum Gift Hamper + E-Certificate of Participation
2nd:-  Gold Gift Hamper + E-Certificate of Participation
3rd:- Silver Gift Hamper + E-Certificate of Participation
4th – 7th:- E-Certificate of Participation

If you want to ask more… you can contact us anytime at here.

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